GPS2PowerTrack Plugin - Overview and Download

Plugin name: GPS2PowerTrack
Short description: Actually two plugins in one:
calculates power tracks for activities from speed, climbing speed, ...
gets weather information for your activities from
License: Donationware.
Please read the License page carefully before using the plugin
Donate: See the Donation page and the page "Validate your Donation" for details how to donate and validate your donations.
Current release:
Version: unknown
Build: unknown
Release date: unknown
Download link: Release download (via SportTracks)
Alternate download link
Comments: unknown
Current beta release:
Version: unknown
Build: unknown
Release date: unknown
Download link: Beta download
Comments: unknown
First release date: October 1, 2007
Prerequisites: none
Adds value to: AfterImport plugin: power calculation and weather import will be done automatically during import
Benefits from: MapOverlay plugin: weather stations will be displayed on the SportTracks map
SportTracks version: SportTracks 2.0.3074 (thoroughly tested)
SportTracks 2.0.2976 (should be compatible)
(there will be issues when you use the current releases of the plugin with older SportTracks versions!)
Available languages: neutral (American English)
Discussion board:  SportTracks Forum Index -> GPS2PowerTrack: the sub forum for this plugin
 GPS2PowerTrack - Power Calculation for Biking: the main discussion thread - not only for bikers
 GPS2PowerTrack - Power Calculation for Running: using the plugin for running, jogging, marathon, ...
Credits to:
  • David C. Hall (aka DavidCHall) for unfailing and amiable suggestions and comments.
    Thank you David; writing software is fun with a helping hand like yours.
  • Gerhard Olsson (aka gerhard) for all his help and contributions.
    He was the midwife that helped me start my career as a plugin developer.
  • for their online weather data and archive of historical weather data
  • Walter Zorn for his brilliant work on power calcution for bikers, see
  • hccomp33 for the French translation of this plugin
  • mazoaguirre for the Spanish translation of this plugin