Garmin FIT Devices - Manual

  1. 'Edit' Actions
    1. Misc / Add pauses when stopped
  2. 'Import' Actions
    1. Device Imports
      1. Garmin mass storage devices - EdgeŽ 200/500/510/800/810
      2. Automatic creation/assignment of equipment items
      3. Garmin devices that use the Garmin ANT Agent™
      4. Wireless import from Garmin devices that otherwise require the Garmin ANT Agent™
    2. Import of Garmin FIT Files
  3. Activity Detail Pages
    1. Events Detail Page
    2. Paused Detail Page
  4. Equipment Detail Pages
    1. ANT™ Detail Page
  5. Settings Pages
    1. Garmin FIT Devices Plugin 
      1.  Plugin Information

'Edit' Actions

Misc / Add pauses when stopped

Available in the "Daily Activity" view and the "Activity Reports" view of SportTracks, when at least one activity is selected.
Adds timer pauses for periods where your speed has dropped below the "stopped" threshold that you've configured for the activity's categorie.
This is useful, when you've forgot to set the "auto pause" feature of your device or forgot to press the "Start/Stop" button.

'Import' Actions

Device Imports

Garmin mass storage devices - EdgeŽ 200/500/510/800/810
Connect your Garmin device to the PC via USB.

Click on "Import" in the "Other Tasks" menu of SportTracks:

Click on the  button in the upper left, if this is not already selected.

When you open this dialog for the first time, these import devices are not yet part of your "favourite devices" list.
In this case click on the button in the upper right of the import data dialog in order to select the new importer provided by this plugin.
Select the "Garmin mass storage device".

Then click on "Next >".

As you have not yet configured the importer, the import configuration dialog will pop up:

It lets you set options that speed up the import process.

Close the configuraton dialog with "OK" to complete the import process.

Automatic creation/assignment of equipment items
During import, the plugin collects references to used ANT™ devices from all imported activities.
When import finishes, the plugin presents all hitherto unknown devices to you.

You can:
  1. select rows and click "Assign existing equipment item" to associate an item that is already in your logbook's equipment catalog
  2. leave the assignment blank to let the plugin automatically add an equipment item to your logbook's catalog
  3. or "Cancel" to skip the creation of new equipment items
These equipment items will be tagged with ANT™ specific identification information.
The plugin will later on automatically assign these equipment items to activities based on these ANT™ ids.

Garmin devices that use the Garmin ANT Agent™
The Garmin ANT Agent™ automatically transfers new data from your supported Garmin devices to your PC.
It uses the ANT™ protocol for wireless transmission, whenever your device (switched on!) comes near your PC (with the Garmin ANT stick™ plugged in!).

This importer takes files from the folders on your PC, where the Garmin ANT Agent™ has saved them to.
Note: this folder path can be found in the importer's configuration dialog.

The import process is identical to the one just explained for mass storage devices.

Wireless import from Garmin devices that otherwise require the Garmin ANT Agent™
Instead of having Garmin ANT Agent™ download data  from your Garmin device and let the plugin pick up the downloaded data from Garmin ANT Agent™'s sync folder, the plugin can directly communicate with your ANT+™ enabled Garmin device to import the data.


Import of Garmin FIT Files

SportTracks version 3 lets you import .FIT files without any 3rd party plugin.
However this plugin provides an alternative importer what provides lots of benefits that are explained here.

When you import files and select a file with extension ".FIT", SportTracks will pop up this dialog to let you select the importer that shall be used:

Select the importer provided by this plugin.

Note: when you decide not to use SportTracks' standard importer at all, go to "Settings:Plugins" and uncheck the "SportTracks Garmin GPS Plugin". Then SportTracks will automatically use the importer provided by Garmin FIT Devices plugin without asking you to select the desired importer.

Activity Detail Pages

The plugin adds two new activity detail pages to the "Daily Activity" view and the "Activity Reports" view of SportTracks:

Events Detail Page

This detail page shows so-called events, recorded by your Garmin device;
there's a wide range of event types like:

Note: you can select (multiple) rows in the event list and the plugin will automatically highlight the corresponding track on the map and on charts. In the example above, you'll see where you've been away from the course that you had followed with your Garmin device.
Note 2: You can "Undock" this detail page to view it in parallel to other detail pages.

Paused Detail Page

Various (not only Garmin) devices allow you to start and stop the recording of an activity. The time span from "stop" to "start" is recorded by the device and uploaded to SportTracks.
This detail page displays those pauses.

Note that once again you can select rows in order to get the pause highlighted on the map.

Equipment Detail Pages

ANT™ Detail Page

This is the same page as in the Live Recording plugin. Please see here.

Settings Pages

Garmin FIT Devices Plugin 

There's just one configuration switch on the plugin settings page:
you can decide if you want to let the plugin remove elevation artefacts that are a well-known bug in some Garmin device types/versions.
Besides the plugin lets you install our Live Recording and HRV plugin and our Weather plugin that both add value to the Garmin FIT Devices plugin.
Note that these buttons only appear, when the respective plugin is NOT installed and enabled.

 Plugin Information
The "Plugin Information" panel is standard for all my plugins. See the General Features page for details.

Last update: April 24, 2013